Mimmy Yeboah's Instagram Live Show

6th March 2021

Mimmy Yeboah is a womenwear brand transforming our current understanding of the fashion needs of the modern Ghanaian woman. Her work focuses on modern styles and designs that provide an evocative look for women who want to embrace their flare for chic, body positive African bespoke clothing.

Dufie Boateng's Instagram Live Show

8th March 2021

Dufie Boateng is a contemporary Ghanaian fashion brand which embraces women who have a passion for modern fashion.

The brand is strongly influenced by women that em-body class and strength. The speciality of the brand is to create practical ready-to-wear and custom pieces that make a statement, for the purpose of gracing special events.

The brand specializes in using creative approaches which are geared towards infusing the African narra-tive through silhouettes, colours, textures and details, in order to tell a story through the pieces they adorn.

Eugene D'wise's Instagram Live Show

10th March 2021

Eugene D'Wise is an authentic, Ghanaian, unisex fashion line that produces timeless and classy couture pieces. The brand entails sophisticated, tailored unisex apparel, ranging from smart casuals and gowns to menswear.

Sena Bryte's Instagram Live Show

12th March 2021

Senabryte is a quintessential 21st century unisex brand at the helm of promoting ethical fashion sustainability, with urban and street style influences.
Banini Sena Bright ,creative director for the brand Senabryte, studied fashion design and textile studies at the Kumasi Technical University, Ghana. He is also the winner of the Accra Mall Future Fashion Fund 2019. The brand has collaborated with great personalities in the industry and Ghana Premium Textile - WOODIN for their ``Desir de Woodin`` campaign.

Linda Ashong's Instagram Live Show

14th March 2021

Lyran Collections is a fully fledged womenswear brand that designs striking bespoke pieces to suit her clients' tastes. She has worked with the likes of GTP, Adehyie magazine, Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant on TV3 and Miss Golden Stool.

Smully's Instagram Live Show

16th March 2021

Joseph Aggrey Cobbina is a revered Ghanaian fashion designer and stylist. As founder of Smully Wear, Aggrey has singularly built a renowned fashion brand, which has styled a long list of celebrities across the world into music, film, clergy and media among others.

Nuna Couture's Instagram Live Show

18th March 2021

Nuna Couture is a Ghanaian clothing and accessory company, named after the founder Nathaniel Nunoo (NUNA). The brand was established in 2011, with over 7 collections and several international showcases since its official launch. It is well known for its creativity, classic looks, statement pieces and accessories.Nuna's inspiration comes from family, unsolved riddles, history and nature.

Nicoline's Instagram Live Show

20th March 2021

Nicholas Asamoah is the Ghana based CEO of the brand Nicoline GH, a fast rising unisex brand that prioritizes the perfection of their craft, and satisfying clients' needs.
Nicholas has been fascinated by exquisite clothing from an extraordinarily young age. As a little boy, he dreamed of creating flawless masterpieces that would become a staple of the affluent and elite. Currently, Nicoline GH is dressing and styling celebrities in the Ghanaian music and movie industry, with fabulous, eye catching designs.
The brand's noteworthy cut, fit and neat finishing give their perfectly fitting masterpieces a signature flare. Nicholas has recently become one of the best unisex luxury fashion brands in Ghana, winning several awards over the years, including the red carpet designer of the year and best womenswear of the year.

Alwoman's Instagram Live Show

22nd March 2021

ALwoman is a contemporary African womenswear brand dedicated to making bold, classy and stylish looks for young women. Established in Ghana in 2019, they deal in custom made and ready-to-wear pieces inspired by African art and culture, to complement the sensibilities of the contemporary African woman.
Their clothes are made with touches of African print material and hand woven Kente. They specialize in casuals, gowns and corporate wearables; and their entire range of clothing is skillfully and tastefully designed, blending fashion and comfort.

Quophi Akotuah's Instagram Live Show

24th March 2021

Quophi Akotuah is a Ghanaian menswear brand that focuses on the use of rich colours, textured fabrics, and superb artistic technique to tell a story using form, pattern, colour, silhouette and fit.

Kai Shika's Instagram Live Show

26th March 2021

Kaishika is a ready to wear clothing brand in Ghana thats focuses on contemporary,smart and casual designs

Nipo Skin's Instagram Live Show

28th March 2021

Ghanaian fashion brand Nipo Skin operates in Kumasi, the cultural metropolis of Ghana, and caters to the fashion needs of men and women.
Bismark Nimo Poku is the creative lead for the decade old brand, and has created many collections that have showcased across various fashion week shows in Ghana, Nigeria, Niger and London.
NipoSkin's trademark is the creation of pieces ranging from bespoke and ready-to-wear collection pieces to Haute Couture pieces, for fashionable client's across Ghana and beyond.