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We’ve come a long way and we’re constantly on the move.
We go; bravely, confidently

… Gracefully


We are the gracious ones …

The ones who love

The ones who share

The ones who give.


We are the inspired ones …

The ones who laugh

The ones who teach

The ones who live.


Light is what we are

Life is what we do

And the stars in our skies
are brightly coloured patterns and designs.


Our mothers and fathers,
Past and present.
Our sons and daughters,
of tomorrow all the future.

Our brothers and sisters,

Of everyday and forever

… All of us are a gift to each other.


And we give the gift that keeps on giving,
… kindness.

And we share the joy that keeps of growing,
… happiness.
For we live a life that’s never ending,
… timeless.


Our beauty is a never fading grace.

… GTP.