Welcome to West Africa’s home of style with substance, and sophistication with sassiness. We’ve been dressing Ghanaians since 1966. We know a thing or two about style. GTP prides itself on producing the best quality, best value textiles and designs, offering everything from innovative contemporary flair to the finest traditional looks. You are home — everything you need is right here.

Make a Statement

GTP’s fabrics are for young people, but they are also for the young-at-heart. Men and women of all ages choose our eclectic and distinctive designs to make a statement. People who wear GTP are saying—we are wearing leading fabrics because we are not afraid to lead. Ghanaians and international customers alike are now making the world a more colourful, vibrant place with our help.

We have what you need

Whether you want the best formal wear, the perfect cloth for making a statement at the club, or sumptuous fabrics for accessorizing or furnishing your home, we can help. Our philosophy is simple: You want it. We’ve got it! Fantastic textiles and prints for jewellery, shoes, bags, furniture, or clothes for business, socializing, or special occasions; the only limit is your imagination.